Arshile Gorky是1930年现代艺术博物馆久负盛名的新兴艺术家群展中的艺术家之一。 次年,他的首次个展在费城举行。 从1935年到1941年,他与威廉·德·库宁(Willem de Kooning)一起为联邦艺术项目的作品进度管理(WPA)工作。 其中一件工作是为新泽西州纽瓦克机场的壁画。 不幸的是,在十个面板中,只有两个仍然存在。 1935年,惠特尼美国艺术博物馆的展览名为“美国抽象绘画”,其中包括高尔基。 在1930年代中期,高尔基的绘画展示了毕加索的合成立体主义和琼·米罗的有机形式的影响。 画作“组织”是对高尔基作品现阶段的惊人描绘。


Arshile Gorky is one of the artists of the 1930 Museum of Modern Art’s prestigious group of emerging artists. The following year, his first solo exhibition was held in Philadelphia. From 1935 to 1941, he worked with Willem de Kooning on the work of the Federal Art Project (WPA). One of the jobs was a mural for Newark Airport in New Jersey. Unfortunately, of the ten panels, only two still exist. In 1935, the exhibition of the Whitney Museum of American Art was called “American Abstract Painting,” which included Gorky. In the mid-1930s, Gorky’s paintings showed the influence of Picasso’s synthetic cubism and the organic form of Joan Miro. The painting “Organization” is an amazing depiction of the current stage of Gorky’s work.