Florine Stettheimer(1871年8月19日 –  1944年5月11日)是一位美国画家和诗人,其柔美,色彩缤纷的画布描绘了爵士时代纽约的社会环境。在她的一生中,Stettheimer选择与主流艺术世界保持距离,并且只选择性地分享她的作品。因此,她作为一个真正原创的美国民间现代主义者的遗产,虽然仍然谦虚,但现在正在慢慢建立,在她去世几十年后。 Florine Stettheimer于1871年出生于纽约罗切斯特,是五个孩子中的第四个。在她的一生中,她与年龄最接近她的两个兄弟姐妹 – 她的姐姐嘉莉和她的妹妹艾蒂 – 有着密切的关系 – 因为没有姐妹曾经结过婚。 Stettheimer的父母都是成功银行家庭的后代。当她的父亲约瑟夫在孩子们还是孩子的时候离开了这个家庭,他们生活在他们的母亲Rosetta Walter Stettheimer身上。在以后的生活中,Stettheimer的独立财富可能已经解释了她不愿意公开展示她的作品,因为她并不依赖艺术市场来支持自己。反过来,这可能影响了她的工作内容,因为她没有被迫遵守文化品味的想法,并且可以或多或少地画出她喜欢的东西。


Florine Stettheimer (August 19, 1871 – May 11, 1944) was an American painter and poet whose soft, colorful canvas portrayed the social environment of New York in the jazz era. Throughout her life, Stettheimer chose to stay away from the mainstream art world and only selectively share her work. Therefore, her legacy as a truly original American folk modernist, although still modest, is slowly being established, decades after her death. Florine Stettheimer was born in Rochester, New York in 1871 and is the fourth of five children. Throughout her life, she has a close relationship with her two brothers and sisters closest to her – her sister Carrie and her sister Eti – because no sisters have ever been married. Stettheimer’s parents are descendants of successful bank families. When her father Joseph left the family while the children were still children, they lived on their mother Rosetta Walter Stettheimer. In later life, Stettheimer’s independent wealth may have explained her reluctance to publicly display her work because she does not rely on the art market to support herself. This, in turn, may affect her work because she is not forced to follow the cultural tastes and can more or less paint what she likes.