Joan Mitchell was born on February 12, 1925 in Marion and James Mitchell, Chicago, Illinois. Without the guidance of her parents, her parents’ behavior often makes young Joan develop a firm self-awareness alone, which is not uncommon with the upper world of the Mitchell family (her mother is the heir to steel wealth, Her father is a successful dermatologist. Mitchell’s feeling is that her father is always disappointed with her, because when her parents wanted a son, she gave birth to her second daughter. She quoted Her father’s attitude is the reason why she became an abstract painter, because this is a field where he has no experience and no talent, so it is a space she can completely become herself. Mitchell’s mother is one of the early editors of poetry magazine. Also a successful poet. The existence of poetry, as well as her mother’s contemporaries (such as the poets Edna St. Vincent Millie and George Dillon) ensure that Mitchell is always surrounded by words, and its influence can be many of her The paintings are found, for example, “The Harbour Administrator” after a poem by Frank O’Hara, and “The Hemlock,” a poem by Wallace Stevens. At the age of Mitchell, published in poetry, this is the second youngest poet. Her precociousness has earned her the respect of her mother, the embarrassment of her sister Sally, and the occasional approval of her father, and her work is very hard. Like her role during her long career as a champion athlete, Mitchell showed a toughness, and her father would belittle her humility as a non-male, but this may be critical to the environment in which she operates. Cher drinks, smokes, swears, and wanders around the bar, although not suitable for a high-ranking lady in Chicago, but this attitude serves Mitchell very well: she is one of the few female members of the 8th Street Club This is an iconic group of artists from downtown New York in the 1950s. Mitchell has performed well in all his efforts and is therefore an outstanding athlete, champion diver and tennis player. She is committed to figure skating and Competition at the regional and national levels until she was injured in the knee and gave up the sport. Eidetic memory vividly recalls the feelings and visual details of the past moments. While some children have the ability to preserve the images they have experienced in their minds, many adults lose this ability once they are taught to read, replacing speech with verbal memories. However, Joan Mitchell retains the ability to adulthood. So I can remember the memory of decades ago, which has had a profound impact on her work. Mitchell also has a synaesthesia, a cross of neural pathways, expressed as a mixture of senses: letters and words evoke color, sounds produce body sensations, and other such phenomena, although Mitchell’s art cannot only pass her union The eyes describe it, but the vivid colors that Mitchell continues to appear every day will definitely affect her work. Although Mitchell wanted to go to an art school, her father insisted that she had a more traditional education. Therefore, Mitchell began studying at Smith University in 1942. Two years later, she moved to the Art Institute of Chicago to complete her degree. She then received her Master of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1950. Mitchell and high school classmate Barnet Rosset, Jr. Married. Mitchell encouraged Rosset to set up Grove Press, a successful medieval publisher. The two separated in 1951, and the marriage ended in divorce in 1952, although Mitchell became friends with Rosette throughout his life. Mitchell traveled to Paris in 1955 and moved to Paris in 1959 to live with the Canadian abstract artist Jean-Paul Riopelle, who spent a long and long time with her. Twenty-five years. Paris became Mitchell’s second home. She inherited a cottage in the north of Paris after her mother died in 1967. Her relationship with France was answered because she was the first Muséed”s women in solo exhibitions. In 1982, the French Museum of Modern Art received the Art and Literature Award from the French Ministry of Culture and in 1991 won the Paris Art Award.


Joan Mitchell于1925年2月12日出生于伊利诺伊州芝加哥市的Marion和James Mitchell。在没有父母的指导下,她父母的行为常常让年轻的琼独自一人发展出一种坚定的自我意识,这与米切尔家族所属的上层世界并不罕见(她的母亲是钢铁财富的继承人,她的父亲是一位成功的皮肤科医生。米切尔的感觉是她的父亲总是会对她感到失望,因为她的父母想要一个儿子时,她生了第二个女儿。她引用了她父亲的态度作为她成为抽象画家的原因,因为这是一个他没有经验也没有天赋的领域,因此是一个她可以完全成为自己的空间。米切尔的母亲是诗歌杂志的早期编辑之一,也是一位成功的诗人。诗歌的存在,以及她母亲的同时代人(如诗人埃德娜圣文森特米莱和乔治狄龙)确保米切尔总是被文字所包围,其影响力可以在她的许多绘画作品中找到,例如“ “海港管理员”,“在弗兰克奥哈拉的一首诗之后,和”铁杉,“华莱士史蒂文斯的一首诗。十岁时,米切尔出版于诗歌,这是第二位最年轻的诗人。她的早熟使她得到了母亲的尊重,她姐姐莎莉的嫉妒,以及她父亲的偶尔批准,她的工作非常努力。正如她在长期担任冠军运动员期间所发展的角色一样,米切尔表现出一种强硬,她的父亲会贬低她作为非女士的谦卑,但这可能对她所经营的环境至关重要。米切尔喝酒,抽烟,发誓,并在酒吧里闲逛,虽然不适合芝加哥的一位上流社会女士,但这种态度很好地服务于米切尔:她是第八街俱乐部的少数女性成员之一,这是一个标志性的团体20世纪50年代纽约市中心的艺术家。米切尔在所有努力中都表现出色,因此是一名出色的运动员,冠军潜水员和网球运动员。她致力于花样滑冰,并在地区和国家级别比赛,直到她膝盖受伤并放弃了这项运动。 Eidetic记忆能够生动地回忆过去时刻的感觉和视觉细节。虽然有些孩子有能力保留他们在脑海中经历过的图像,但许多成年人一旦被教导阅读就会失去这种能力,用言语回忆取代视觉。然而,琼·米切尔保留了成年期的能力,因此能够记忆几十年前的记忆,这对她的工作产生了深远的影响。一个琼米切尔也有一例联觉,一种神经通路的交叉,表现为感官的混合:字母和文字唤起颜色,声音会产生身体感觉,以及其他这样的现象。虽然米切尔的艺术不能仅通过她的联合眼睛来描述,但米切尔每天不断出现的鲜艳色彩肯定会影响她的作品。虽然米切尔想上艺术学校,但她的父亲坚持认为她有更传统的教育。因此,米切尔于1942年开始在史密斯大学学习。两年后,她转到芝加哥艺术学院完成学位。然后,她于1950年获得了芝加哥艺术学院的艺术硕士学位.Mitchell于1949年与高中同学Barnet Rosset,Jr。结婚.Mitchell鼓励Rosset成立了Grove Press,这是一个成功的中世纪出版商。两人于1951年分居,1952年婚姻以离婚告终,尽管米切尔一生都与罗塞特成为朋友。米切尔于1955年开始前往巴黎,并于1959年搬到巴黎,与加拿大抽象艺术家让 – 保罗·里奥佩尔(Jean-Paul Riopelle)住在一起,与她一起度过了漫长而漫长的二十五年。巴黎成为米切尔的第二故乡,她在1967年母亲去世后继承了她在巴黎北部的一间小屋。她与法国的关系得到了回应,因为她是第一位在Muséed”举办个展的女性。 1982年,法国现代艺术博物馆获得法国文化部颁发的艺术和文学奖,并于1991年获得巴黎艺术大奖。