Manga对每个人都有好处,但并不是所有的漫画都适合所有年龄段的人。有些漫画绝对不适合儿童使用。然而,家长和监护人仅仅通过看封面就很难判断哪些标题适合儿童和年轻人。谢天谢地,有一个方便的评分系统,可以帮助家长分开什么标题是正确的,为他们的孩子。下面是美国出版商的英语漫画内容分级系统,再加上漫画的例子。漫画的评级含义E-Everyone/A-All Ages就像“G”电影的评级,“E-Everyone”或“A-All Ages”的评级意味着漫画适合6岁及以上的读者。 Y–Youth,Age 10+类似于“PG”电影分级,“Y–Youth,Age 10+”分级意味着标题可能包含温和的暴力和/或诅咒。虽然这些标题有时适用于年幼的孩子,但要由父母知道孩子的成熟程度。《十三岁的青少年》、《十三岁的青少年》等同于《PG-13》、《T-青少年》的漫画评级表明,漫画的内容可能包括一些性暗示和/或暴力动作场景。青少年头衔和青少年头衔一样,父母应该仔细审查,以确保他们的孩子足够成熟,以备不时之需。OT -年龄较大的青少年,16岁以上 “OT -年龄较大的青少年”漫画可能包含更明确的性情况和一些暴力场面,包括血液和gore。漫画是众所周知的图形和暴力故事,鼓励家长审查这些标题前给他们十几岁。这些都相当于“NC-17”或“R”评级。
成熟,年龄18岁+漫画级“M成熟”是严格的成年人。你可以期望找到明确的性情况,强有力的语言和/或血腥的战斗和混乱。这个等级相当于“NC-17”或“R”。强烈建议家长不要把这些标题给孩子们,因为他们的内容非常生动。 当决定一本书或电影是否适合一个孩子时,只有父母或监护人才能决定。孩子们以不同的速度成熟——有些人准备好了比其他人更重的材料。然而,并不是每个年龄较大的青少年都准备好了一些成熟的话题。父母真的需要了解他们的孩子,以便帮助他们选择合适的媒体。家长应该意识到孩子选择什么样的娱乐方式。虽然孩子们可以非常善于知道自己准备好了什么媒体,但是每个家长可能都必须应对电影带来的噩梦,只是有点太可怕了。


Manga is good for everyone, but not all comics are suitable for people of all ages. Some cartoons are definitely not suitable for children. However, it is difficult for parents and guardians to judge which headlines are suitable for children and young people just by looking at the cover. Thankfully, there is a convenient scoring system that can help parents separate what headlines are correct for their children. The following is an American English publisher’s English cartoon content grading system plus comic examples. E-Everyone/A-All Ages is like the rating of “G” movies. The rating of “E-Everyone” or “A-All Ages” means that cartoons are suitable for readers aged 6 and over. Y – Youth, Age 10 + is similar to the “PG” movie rating, and the “Y – Youth, Age 10+” rating means that the title may contain mild violence and/or curse. Although these titles sometimes apply to young children, parents need to know the maturity of their children. Cartoon ratings for “Teenagers of thirteen” and “Teenagers of thirteen” are equivalent to “PG-13” and “T-Teenagers”, suggesting that the content of the cartoon may include some sexual hints and/or violent action scenes. Adolescent titles are the same as adolescent titles. Parents should examine them carefully to ensure that their children are mature enough for emergencies. OT-Older Teenagers, OT-Older Teenagers over the age of 16 may contain more explicit sexual situations and some violent scenes, including blood and gore. Cartoons are well-known graphics and violent stories that encourage parents to review these titles before giving them their teens. These are equivalent to “NC-17” or “R” rating.
Mature, age 18 + manga grade “M mature” is a strict adult. You can expect to find clear sex situations, strong language and / or bloody fighting and confusion. This level is equivalent to “NC-17” or “R”. Parents are strongly advised not to give these titles to children because their content is very vivid. When deciding whether a book or movie is suitable for a child, only parents or guardians can decide. Children mature at different speeds – some are prepared for heavier materials than others. However, not every older adolescent has prepared some mature topics. Parents really need to know their children in order to help them choose the right media. Parents should be aware of what kind of entertainment their children choose. Although children can be very good at knowing what media they are prepared for, every parent may have to deal with the nightmares brought about by movies, just a little too terrible.