Pseudogymnoascus destructans发生在欧洲,但欧洲蝙蝠不会出现白鼻综合征。 真菌是北美的入侵物种,蝙蝠没有发展出免疫反应。 没有发现白鼻综合征的治疗或预防措施。 感染摧毁了一个殖民地,杀死了超过90%的蝙蝠。 2012年,科学家估计有570至670万只蝙蝠死于这种疾病。 受影响地区的蝙蝠数量已经崩溃。 人类不会感染白鼻综合征,并且完全不受真菌的影响。 然而,人们可以从鞋子,衣服或装备上的感染洞穴中携带病原体。 蝙蝠疾病间接影响人类,因为蝙蝠对昆虫控制,授粉和种子传播很重要。 蝙蝠殖民地的崩溃迫使农民使用杀虫剂来控制害虫。


Pseudogymnoascus destructans occurs in Europe, but European bats do not have white-nose syndrome. Fungi are invasive species in North America, and bats do not develop an immune response. No treatment or preventive measures for white nose syndrome were found. The infection destroyed a colony and killed more than 90% of the bats. In 2012, scientists estimated that between 5.7 and 6.7 million bats died of the disease. The number of bats in the affected area has collapsed. Humans do not contract white-nose syndrome and are completely unaffected by fungi. However, people can carry pathogens from infected caves in shoes, clothing or equipment. Bat disease indirectly affects humans because bats are important for insect control, pollination and seed transmission. The collapse of the bat colony forced farmers to use insecticides to control pests.